War in Ukraine from IT company’s perspective - future with free taxes zone, crypto, and blockchain

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War in Ukraine from IT company’s perspective - future with free taxes zone, crypto, and blockchain

April 29, 2022

In this episode, I was honored to talk with Ann Datsenko, the Head of Operations at IdeaSoft, a Ukrainian IT company. 

IdeaSoft is a custom software development company established in 2016, with a development center in Kharkiv, Ukraine. A while ago, IdeaSoft merged with Sigma Software Group while securing their identity, structure, and approaches. This Ukrainian IT company started to help people in Kharkiv by providing free food deliveries to people in need and giving help to elders and children. HelpKharkiv, a charity organization made by IT companies IdeaSoft, Sigma Group GenPro and Scalarr, has already helped more than 6000 evacuated citizens.

Hear the story of Invasion of Russia to Ukraine - how it was started, does Russia bomb civilians and get to know the current situation in Kharkiv - by listening the story of Ann Datsenko.

Also, in the podcast, we talk about the future of Ukraine as Silicon Valley and how the Ukrainian government made paying taxes voluntary and crypto legal after the invasion started. Discover the future opportunities of opening an IT company in Ukraine - knowledge of English, low taxes, online banking system, and more!